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“Learn the process step by step and don’t be an idiot like me” – Interview Los Angeles Film Awards with Paul Smit about Who is Alice and his thoughts about filmmaking and screenwriting.

Our latest Best Picture winner, Who is Alice, is more than just a good comedy. It is a philosophical, thought provoking film that intends to mess with the viewer’s mind.

Paul Smit, writer/producer of Who is Alice, is a well-known philosopher and comedian. He is one of the most in demand speakers in the corporate world, constantly invited to give presentations about human behavior, the brain, creativity, innovation, leadership, and marketing. In the following interview, Paul takes us behind the scenes, and shares his thoughts about filmmaking and screenwriting. Read more

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Meet the Cast & Crew – Ali Bastian: ‘Alice stands for everyone in search of happiness’

Not playing the part, but being the part. Actor David Fahm described this as his passion for the craft of acting, but he’s not the only one. Ali Bastian plays the leading part in Who is Alice, the story of a young woman looking for her true self. That search for happiness continues whenever the camera stops rolling, she tells us open-heartedly. Read more


Meet the Cast & Crew – Ali Bastian: ‘Alice staat voor iedereen die zoekt naar geluk’

Niet de rol spelen, maar de rol zijn. Acteur David Fahm beschreef dit al als zijn passie voor het acteervak, maar hij is niet de enige. Ali Bastian speelt de hoofdrol in Who is Alice, waarin ze als jonge vrouw zoekt naar zichzelf. Die zoektocht gaat ook door als de camera’s niet aanstaan, vertelt ze openhartig. Read more