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Wesselman Accountants as our shooting location in The Netherlands!

We are very happy to announce that Wesselman Accountants will be one of our shooting locations in The Netherlands!
Read the full article “Wesselman Accountants | Adviseurs in Helmond decor voor internationale speelfilm.”

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Briefing & meet-up crew and supporters

On February 18th we had a meeting with the whole crew and the companies and people that support us.  It was nice having everyone together and talking about the script, the production, the planning and the technical aspects of the production. It’s going to be such a fun and cool production! We’re looking forward to the filming days.

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Recording the Theme Song for ‘Who is Alice’

Another day at the studio! Recodring the Theme Song for the movie ‘Who is Alice?’. We have got the lovely voice or our singer Daniëlle and Paul on guitar.

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Day two of the casting in London

More than 4,600 suggestions reduced to 8 main characters! Within a few weeks we’ll introduce them to you…

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The casting process has started…

From August 17th till August 20th we’ll be in London to find some nice film locations (houses, bars, offices, street views etc) and we’ll have our first casting round at the Spotlight Studios. Exciting week! We hope to give you an answer on the question “Who is Alice” soon. Well, not who she is but who will play the role of Alice…

We have selected all the actors and actresses for the auditions in the Spotlight Studios in London. Would you like to help us making the movie “Who is Alice?” by being an extra (figurant) / supporting actor in London or The Netherlands, spring/summer 2016? Please fill in the form at www.alicethemovie.com