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“Learn the process step by step and don’t be an idiot like me” – Interview Los Angeles Film Awards with Paul Smit about Who is Alice and his thoughts about filmmaking and screenwriting.

Our latest Best Picture winner, Who is Alice, is more than just a good comedy. It is a philosophical, thought provoking film that intends to mess with the viewer’s mind.

Paul Smit, writer/producer of Who is Alice, is a well-known philosopher and comedian. He is one of the most in demand speakers in the corporate world, constantly invited to give presentations about human behavior, the brain, creativity, innovation, leadership, and marketing. In the following interview, Paul takes us behind the scenes, and shares his thoughts about filmmaking and screenwriting. Read more

cally lawrence on the set of who is alice

Meet the Cast & Crew – Cally Lawrence: ‘A real community doesn’t have anything to do with its geographical location’

In Who is Alice she plays an actor/writer (coincidentally called Cally) who is playing the part of Sandra. In the meantime she has already built herself an impressive résumé. Basically she’s born for cinema. How she regards acting? As a way to enrapture audiences, and give them a unique experience. Not for money, but from pure passion. Meet Cally Lawrence. Read more


Release Who is Alice on DVD September 1st! Read more about ordering the DVD and where to watch the movie.

Who is Alice is available on DVD September 1st! From that moment on you can order your copy on our website.
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Meet the Cast & Crew – Ali Bastian: ‘Alice stands for everyone in search of happiness’

Not playing the part, but being the part. Actor David Fahm described this as his passion for the craft of acting, but he’s not the only one. Ali Bastian plays the leading part in Who is Alice, the story of a young woman looking for her true self. That search for happiness continues whenever the camera stops rolling, she tells us open-heartedly. Read more


Meet the Cast & Crew – Arjan Bakker: Not in the spotlights, still all the fun and an audience of millions

He did not deem it necessary, this interview. The spotlights are not really Arjan’s field of interest. However, without questioning he made time for us in his busy day to day schedule.  Arjan is the co-producer who made the production of Who is Alice possible – as an investor. Why? The answer encompasses and reveals everything at the same time. “Just for fun”. Read more


Meet the Cast & Crew – Linze Valk: ‘Someone who is easily satisfied won’t make anything good’

The filming and editing have been finished for some time now. Still, at least there is one person working hard to give the film that little extra. Linze Valk is the sound engineer behind the scenes, who has to take care of fitting music and the right location sounds. And he’s definitely going to succeed in that. His secret? ‘The bathrobesyndrome’. Read more

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Non-duality for Dummies: Non-duality in everyday life

The motto ‘it is as it is’ usually doesn’t seem right to me. In my view, we have a lot of influence on the path that we take in life, and in general people also expect you to challenge yourself to realize your full potential so that in time you will progress as well emotionally as professionally. Things do not simply come naturally. Read more

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Meet the Cast & Crew – Hans Tibben: A chameleon on set as absent presence

Hans Tibben might occupy the most contradictory position on the set of Who is Alice. He was present on several days of shooting in the Netherlands, though behind the scenes. As photographer it is his role to be part of the crew, but at the same time he has to position himself outside of the group to be able to capture each and everyone on set. This seems like a tough job – and it is, but no job tough enough for Hans. Read more

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Meet the Cast & Crew – Pascale and Inge: The catering ladies like their meals with a pinch of salt

“And… cut!” That’s it. After another morning of shooting scenes, one by one cast and crew exit the film set. They all are in desperate need of a well-deserved break, and they are welcomed with uplifting jokes of a lively couple. Even those who are most tired can spare a smile; Inge van den Broek and Pascale Josephi could not have picked a better time for lunch. Read more