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PERSBERICHT: Nederlandse speelfilm ‘Who is Alice’ wint 27 internationale prijzen!

De Nederlandse speelfilm Who is Alice heeft maar liefst 27 awards gewonnen bij Independent Film Festivals in Hollywood (Los Angeles), Londen, Miami en New York. En dat nog vóór de release van 1 september 2017. De film won in de categorieën beste film, beste comedy, beste originele verhaal, beste actrice, beste acteur, beste cinematografie en beste ensemble. Read more


Meet the Cast & Crew – Arjan Bakker: Not in the spotlights, still all the fun and an audience of millions

He did not deem it necessary, this interview. The spotlights are not really Arjan’s field of interest. However, without questioning he made time for us in his busy day to day schedule.  Arjan is the co-producer who made the production of Who is Alice possible – as an investor. Why? The answer encompasses and reveals everything at the same time. “Just for fun”. Read more


Meet the Cast & Crew – Linze Valk: ‘Iemand die snel tevreden is, maakt geen goede dingen’

Het filmen en de beeldmontage van Who is Alice zitten er al een tijdje op. Toch is in ieder geval één iemand nog keihard aan het werk om de film meer body te geven. Linze Valk is de geluidsman achter de schermen die voor de juiste muziek en locatiegeluiden moet zorgen. En dat gaat ‘m lukken. Zijn geheim? Het ochtendjassyndroom. Read more


Meet the Cast & Crew – Linze Valk: ‘Someone who is easily satisfied won’t make anything good’

The filming and editing have been finished for some time now. Still, at least there is one person working hard to give the film that little extra. Linze Valk is the sound engineer behind the scenes, who has to take care of fitting music and the right location sounds. And he’s definitely going to succeed in that. His secret? ‘The bathrobesyndrome’. Read more

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Meet the Cast & Crew – Hans Tibben: A chameleon on set as absent presence

Hans Tibben might occupy the most contradictory position on the set of Who is Alice. He was present on several days of shooting in the Netherlands, though behind the scenes. As photographer it is his role to be part of the crew, but at the same time he has to position himself outside of the group to be able to capture each and everyone on set. This seems like a tough job – and it is, but no job tough enough for Hans. Read more

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Meet the Cast & Crew – Pascale and Inge: The catering ladies like their meals with a pinch of salt

“And… cut!” That’s it. After another morning of shooting scenes, one by one cast and crew exit the film set. They all are in desperate need of a well-deserved break, and they are welcomed with uplifting jokes of a lively couple. Even those who are most tired can spare a smile; Inge van den Broek and Pascale Josephi could not have picked a better time for lunch. Read more

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Meet the Cast & Crew – Paul and Guido: The blueprint of friends and comedians

Once you come into contact with something, odds are; it will infect you. Paul Smit and Guido Weijers are the living proof of that. They are friends as well as adversaries, as they have a way of challenging each other in order to keep one another sharp and witty. Comedian Guido taught Paul how to tell a joke, while philosopher Paul threw nonduality into the mix. The result: Who is Aliceor as Paul adds dryly: “Put some idiots together in a room and there will be created ‘something’.” Read more

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Meet the Cast & Crew – Evelien and Linsey: Hair, beauty enhancers and a good conversation

On the film location in Helmond their space is not much bigger than fifteen square metres. Still, all cases and bags find their place and are packed with make-up and all kinds of beauty enhancers. Unpacking is finished in the blink of an eye, as with extreme precision all tools are laid out swiftly and make-up is applied for all actors; everything for the perfect image.  Read more

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Meet the Cast & Crew – Ismaël and Robert: Visual thinkers and vagabonds, from set to set

“Do I really have to?” I ask. “Of course”, says Robert. “Ultimately, we are visual thinkers.” Therefore, I reluctantly turn on the webcam for the Skype-interview as arranged, showing me the faces of directors Ismaël Lotz and Robert van den Broek. Surprisingly, they look relaxed, only a week after the hectic shooting days in and around Helmond finished. Read more

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Guido Weijers op filmset ‘Who is Alice’

Cabaretier Guido Weijers heeft tijdens zijn sabbatical van afgelopen jaar een heuse carrièreswitch ondergaan. Waar hij normaal gesproken op het toneel staat, is hij nu uit zijn comfortzone gestapt en is hij veel op een filmset te vinden.

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