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Non-duality for Dummies: If you have no idea what these people of ‘Who is Alice?’ are talking about!

Cool that you clicked on this blogpost! A little bit scary even, as I will expose myself and my thoughts figuratively to you. Maybe you never heard of non-duality before, or perhaps you already know everything there is to know. However, for the months to come, I will take you along in my and I will connect my day-to-day-life experiences to non-duality. Anxious to see who I am? Then keep reading!

The idea of ‘Nonduality for Dummies’ came into being when the team of Who is Alice? was brainstorming about cool articles for our social media channels. I knew the film is about nonduality, but to be honest the philosophy was still a bit vague to me. What nonduality truly is? Together with you, I will try to get a better understanding of this philosophy in the months to come.

It turns out, that in fact I embody the actual target group: someone between 18 and 80, who is interested in nonduality. At first I was not aware how interesting the philosophy of nonduality really is, but in the meantime I’ve come to know a lot more about it.

My name is Ilke, a student of 21 years old, and since March I have been part of the Social and Online team of Alice. I might already have met some of you during the shooting days in Helmond and Oss, but for all the other readers: nice to meet you. Moreover, I will not only expose my thoughts and experiences, I intend getting to know you as well.

Every other week, I will release an article in which I will connect a day-to-day-life experience to the film and to nonduality. However, I’m no expert in this area of expertise, so I am interested to see as how you think about it as well. Therefore, comments and contributions are most welcome. I would also be delighted to hear about your experiences with the subject of my blog. That way, we might even learn something from one another.

That was all for this week. The intriguing question from which philosophical discussion may arise, will have to wait for next week when I’ll be talking about choice and dilemma. See you on the next one!

Blog: Ilke Hekker
English translation by: Judith Boeschoten
Cartoon: Eduard Heyne