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Non-duality for Dummies: If you have no idea what these people of ‘Who is Alice?’ are talking about!

Cool that you clicked on this blogpost! A little bit scary even, as I will expose myself and my thoughts figuratively to you. Maybe you never heard of non-duality before, or perhaps you already know everything there is to know. However, for the months to come, I will take you along in my and I will connect my day-to-day-life experiences to non-duality. Anxious to see who I am? Then keep reading! Read more

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Meet the Cast & Crew – Paul and Guido: The blueprint of friends and comedians

Once you come into contact with something, odds are; it will infect you. Paul Smit and Guido Weijers are the living proof of that. They are friends as well as adversaries, as they have a way of challenging each other in order to keep one another sharp and witty. Comedian Guido taught Paul how to tell a joke, while philosopher Paul threw nonduality into the mix. The result: Who is Aliceor as Paul adds dryly: “Put some idiots together in a room and there will be created ‘something’.” Read more